Scratches, scuffs, marks and dents.


Our Car Body Repair Services

Smarties’ car body repair shop specialise in removing scratches, scuffs and dents to the body of your car or van. Our highly skilled staff will clean, repair and re-paint the affected area returning your vehicle back to its original state.

For larger jobs, a full car paint respray may be needed. Our team uses all the latest tools, technology and techniques to rectify the cosmetic damage.

For dents where the paintwork isn’t damaged, we can carry out paintless dent repair which works out being a cheaper option.

We also repair car bodywork for insurance purposes, find out more here.

Our service is cost-effective and we pride ourselves on our extremely high standard of work.

 Please get in touch with us to book your car in, alternatively, you can email us at with a picture of the damage so we can assess and advise on the repair work.


Scratches on a car
Car Body Repair

Types of Car Body Damage

Small accidents are commonplace. Whether it’s a bollard you didn’t see, a slight misjudgment when there’s a tight space or a bump that wasn’t your fault. Common sources of damage include:

  • EScratches from trees/bushes - with so many narrow lanes around our area, they’re difficult to avoid when there’s a large vehicle coming the other way.
  • EScrapes from a garage door or car park columns - or anything else. Often it’s hard to judge if it’s a tight squeeze.
  • EScratches made by a key or a kids toy - we’ve even had customers where their children have drawn on the car!
  • EAnd the list goes on…
Small accidents are commonplace. Whether it’s a bollard you didn’t see, a slight misjudgement when there’s a tight space or a bump that wasn’t your fault. Common sources of damage include:

Luckily Smarties has expertly trained technicians who can repair these types of damage.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a technique used to remove minor dents from car panels, doors and roofs of cars. The original paint is left intact and because the car or panel doesn’t need to be re-painted, it has become a popular alternative especially since it’s more cost-effective.

To work on the dented area, we need to access the back of the damaged panel, then we use specialised tools and rods to massage and shrink the dent.

Because auto fillers and sanding isn’t required, PDR usually takes less time.

If your vehicle’s paint has been chipped by the dent, it will still require paint. However, if not, please mention this when you get in touch.

We will need to inspect the area to assess whether it is eligible for paintless dent removal work.

All paintless dent repair is done on an appointment-only basis.

Insurance Repairs

Accidents do happen, unfortunately. At Smarties we can work with your insurance company to schedule, inspect and repair your vehicle for bodywork, alloy wheel and paint damage.

We make it easy for you with our affordable, non-judgemental and reliable service.

Contact us either by phone or email and we will be happy to answer any questions or queries.

Insurance Repairs

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I used Smarties for a small dent on my BMW x3. They did an excellent job, didn’t ask any questions and the customer service was second to none. All done in 24 hours. I’d highly recommend Smarties to my friends. It’s nice to have the car back to how it was before my little bump – hopefully nobody noticed!

Alaya, Northwood


I’ve used Smarties a couple of times now. The first on a black vehicle which had scuff marks and a couple of scratches. I wanted to sell the car so was keen to get these removed. It sold without any question of the marks – you really couldn’t see they’d existed at all. The second time I brought in my van. I’m self-employed so I need my van to look in good condition for jobs. Smarties repaired a dent in the door where I had accidentally banged it against a wall while opening it. I was relieved to see it looked like new again after the repair. Thanks

Naheem, Little Chalfont


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